Dec 1969       Modern cereal production
Dec 1970       Topics included potatoes, grain storage, maize and cereal mildew
April 1971     The future for wheat, barley, sugar beet, vegetables and potatoes
Dec 1971       Herbage varieties, soils, cultivations and chemical ploughing
April 1972     Agriculture and forestry on marginal land
Jan 1973     Tillage in Ireland and the EEC
April 1973     Land reclamation
May 1975     Grassland
Jan 1976       Wild oat control, continuous cereals, economics
Jan 1977       Farm and merchant grain storage
Feb 1978      Future use of midland bogs
Jan 1979       Tree planting on the farm
Feb 1980      Energy saving on the farm
Feb 1981      £350 million food imports: fact or fiction
Feb 1982      The nutrition of arable crops
Feb 1983      Modern tillage practices and the soil
Feb 1984      The future for grain: quality, storage and marketing
Feb 1985      Tillage farming: coping with the future
Feb 1986      Fertilizing and spraying: towards greater efficiency
Feb 1987      Financial management of the tillage farm
Feb 1988      Topics included: feeding cereals, intervention, malting barley,
peas and beans
Feb 1989      Topics included: trace elements, CAN vs Urea, P, K, tyres,
stripper header, straw incorporation
Feb 1990     Crop establishment and management
Feb 1991     “Tillage Ireland” conference (RDS)
Dec 1991     Future farming practice
Dec 1992     Coping with CAP reform
Dec 1993     Managing CAP reform
Dec 1994     Farming tomorrow
Dec 1995     Labour and cost management on tillage farms
Dec 1996     Back to basics
Dec 1997     Adjusting to a new cereal production scenario
Dec 1998     Biotechnology for the future
Dec 1999     Asset rich, cash poor
Dec 2000     Management inputs for a better rural environment
Dec 2001     Quality grain production and marketing
Dec 2002     New challenges, new opportunities
Dec 2003     Harnessing farm resources for energy
Dec 2004     A “new era” in tillage farming
Dec 2005     Options post decoupling
Dec 2006     Co-operation for prosperity
Dec 2007     Responding to Change (agenda)
Dec 2008     The Cost Price Squeeze: A continuing challenge for agriculture. (agenda)
Dec 2009     Preparing for Change (agenda)
Dec 2010     Plant Science – The Future of Farming and Food (agenda)
Dec 2011    Evolving Tillage Policy and Maintaining High Yields
Dec 2013    Adapting a Tillage Farm for ‘Tomorrow
Dec 2014    Understanding and working with new farm regulations
Dec 2015    Land: Mobility and Management
Dec 2016    Tillage Farming in Ireland: An unlevel playing field
Dec 2017    Non Metal tools of Tillage Farming
Dec 2018    Optimising organic manures in tillage farming
Dec 2019    Visions for the Future (50th Anniversary)


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