Irish Tillage and Land Use Society


Irelands leading education and discussion forum for analysing the science of land utilisation and tillage crop production, including the economics and finances of various enterprises.

Our events bring together a wide cross-section of farmers, researchers, technical and business members involved at the leading edge of the agricultural industry.


Aims & Objectives

To advance and spread the knowledge of tillage crop production technology, which can increase farm profits.

To provide opportunities for farmers, research workers and advisors to discuss developments in crop production research.


To increase the awareness of the importance of the tillage sector to the Irish economy.

To provide a social forum for members to interact and discuss relevant issues.

To enlighten people towards other land uses and associated enterprises.

To help make members more aware of the agricultural potential and production techniques in other countries through foreign study tours.

Donate to Ukraine 

In 2008 ITLUS travelled to Ukraine for one of its foreign study tours. Members of ITLUS visited farms and farming industries in locations such as Kiev, Zaporizhzha and the grain port in Mykolaiv. Apart from providing a significant learning opportunity, the tour is remembered for the exceptional hospitality and very warm welcome received by the group from our Ukrainian hosts.

With this in mind, and as a mark of solidarity to the Ukrainian people, ITLUS Council held a ‘Grain for Ukraine’ appeal to help to support the work of the Irish Red Cross with its work in Ukraine. We would like to thank everyone that donated to this worthy cause.


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