ITLUS History

The Society when founded was known as “The Irish Society of Agronomy and Land Use”. The first election meeting was held on June 5th, 1969 at the Crofton Hotel, Carlow, during a two day meeting involving paper reading, discussions and field trips.

The first chairman was Mr Stan Brophy and the first Hononary Secretary was Dr P. K. Hanley. The following is an extract from the President`s inaugural address.

“Challenging questions have been set before agricultural scientists and answers are needed by farmers. Crop scientists have not received adequate feedback from farmers, except perhaps in the Carlow area. Considerably more feedback and communication is needed between farmers, advisory and research workers and those in industry, education, state and semi-state bodies. Education is needed on the wider and better use of the land. Information is needed on the variable returns from various land uses. A start has to be made in learning and thinking about advances in agronomy and land use. This society aims to do that”.

At the AGM in 1979 the name of the Society was changed to the present title “The Irish Tillage and Land Use Society”.

The objectives of the society as stated in the current Constitution and Rules are as follows and carry on from the original ideas outlined above

  1. To promote interest in and knowledge of crop production and land use in Ireland.
  2. To provide an opportunity for closer contact and better exchange of information, experience and viewpoints between the various interests.
  3. To co-ordinate information and ideas for the welfare of the users of the land and of the country at large.
  4. To maintain liaison with other societies and related interests.



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